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Q: Who can use Dial-a-Journey?
Anyone living in the three council areas (including temporary visitors to the Forth Valley area) who are unable to use conventional public transport because of mobility problems.

Q: Do I have to give up my bus pass?
No!! In the past this was necessary, but since the introduction of the National Entitlement Card, this is no longer necessary. You can keep your pass and use Dial-a-Journey and/or Taxicard.

Q: When can I use it?
The service operates from 7.45am until 10pm (Mon-Fri) and 9am-10pm (Sat-Sun). The last pick up is at 9.30pm. It may be possible to make journeys outwith these times, but special arrangements must be made and additional charges may be applied.

Q: How often can I use the service?
Provided there is a vehicle and driver available there is normally no limit to the number of journeys you can make.

Q: Can friends travel with me?
All members can take one escort to assist them when travelling at an additional cost. Your escort cannot be another Dial-a-Journey member. If space permits additional friends can travel with you but they must be collected at the same point of departure as yourself, and they will normally pay the same fare as the member.

Q: What happens if I need to cancel my journey?
If you need to cancel your journey, simply call the office by 4pm the day prior to travel and there will be no charge. If you don't notify the office of cancellation, and a vehicle turns up to collect you, you may be charged for the journey. Please remember if you don't need to make your journey, and you give enough notice, we can offer that slot to another passenger.

Q: Is Dial-a-Journey only for special purposes?
No. You can use it for almost any purpose - shopping, visiting friends, having a meal out, etc - within any of the three council operating areas. Journeys outwith the area are not subsidised and fares will cost more.

Q: How much does it cost and how do I pay?
The fare you pay will depend on the distance you travel. It is possible to ask your fare at the time of booking. You just pay the driver at the time of travelling.

Q: Can I block book regular journeys?
Yes, but due to heavy demand for the service, bookings are taken on a first come, first served basis and are closely managed to make sure no one is disadvantaged. This means that where possible we will try and accommodate regular bookings, but these are not guaranteed.

Q: Can I book in advance for a special journey?
Yes, you can book anytime as far in advance as you need for special occasions to ensure that you can be assured of having transport for you.

Q: Can I phone up on the day I want to travel?
Yes! Providing you are willing to be flexible with your times of travel, we can often accommodate same day bookings. We welcome enquiries on the day of travel, because you may be able to get a journey that someone else has cancelled.

Due to heavy demand for transport, you are recommended to book as early as possible on these occasions as availability disappears quickly.

Q: Will I get assistance to the bus?
We operate a door-to-door service which means that when you are ready to be collected at your door, our staff will escort you to the vehicle and take you to your door when you return. If you are a wheelchair user, this means being in the chair you intend to travel in.
For insurance and health and safety reasons, our staff are NOT permitted to assist your transfer into your chair within your home.

Q: What happens if I'm not ready on time?
We would advise you to be ready to travel at least 10 minutes before the time you have booked as there is a heavy demand for our vehicles.

Q: Can I take a pet on the bus with me?
Normally no animals other than guide dogs travelling with a registered blind person may travel on any bus, however in exceptional circumstances, we may be able to transport your pet providing it is carried in a proper pet carrier.

Q: Are there any safety rules?
Safety at Dial-A-Journey is paramount! Ensuring the safety of you, our passenger, is never compromised.
It is with this in mind that the following will be strictly applied:

  • all passengers will be required to wear a seatbelt. There will be no exception to this rule!
  • our staff are not permitted to move a wheelchair more than 3 steps from ground level
  • while scooters can be transported on vehicles, passengers will not be transported on them while the vehicle is in motion
  • wheelchairs must be in a safe condition to be secured in the vehicle and tyres must be inflated to the correct pressures.
  • NO SMOKING is permitted in any of our vehicles
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